What is it like to teach English to refugees?

There are many inspiring stories of ELT professionals and refugees working together, including my own. I began my English teaching career as a young corporate manager in Miami Florida through helping Cuban and Haitian refugees fill out job applications.  Their willingness to learn and adapt were so impressive that this ignited my decision to leave Corporate America and work in education. Thus I learned at the very beginning of my ELT career the value of refugee integration.

Although The United States is far away from Austria in both the need for ELT and the number of refugees, there are many refugees here that can benefit from ELT provision, for example the youth that already have some English and will need to have English as part of their academic exams, young professionals who can sell products internationally, and young mothers who cannot speak German and need to take their child to the doctor.

There are several initiatives already underway in the DACH region, and IATEFL Austria is committed to supporting existing Austrian initiatives through networking, teacher-training, and course development.  Find your option below and get in touch. We are eager to work with you in developing this important area and work towards integrating our community.

Thanks for all you do,

Josh Lange

Options: Want to inspire and integrate refugee communities? Put your competence into action? Send us a message with a short bio and interest and we will get back to you soon. You can also reach out to us (and follow us!) on Facebook here.